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Nicholas Sparks of England

The family of Sparks has long been settled in the Counties of Essex and Devon, England. The founder of the Irish branch was Nicholas Sparks, an officer in the army under the Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722). In return for his services he received, about 1720, a grant of land in the parish Darragh (since corrected to Townland of Dranagh), Co. Wexford, in perpetuity, for a nominal rent. [Source: Page 89 and 09 of Armory and Lineages]

The available British military records in the late 17th and early 18th centuries have been searched for an officer named Nicholas Sparks. As well, British online BMD records in the counties of Devon and Essex have been extensively searched for Sparks family members, but no related records have been found yet. All available sources have been searched in the County of Wexford Ireland, and again, there are no records revealing the settlement location of Nicholas Sparks of England.

Many Irish records have been found which support evidence that our related Sparks family did live in the townlands of Dranagh, Ballylusk and Tincurry, but no records have been found to support the existence of Nicholas Sparks of England living in Wexford Ireland, so it might be concluded that Nicholas Sparks never emigrated to Ireland to settle on the granted lease land of 1720.

Other scenarios need to be considered to open up other research work. For example, maybe Nicholas Sparks died before he could acquire the lease-land and settle in Ireland. It might either be a direct descendent or an heir-at-law sibling (similar to the situation with brothers George and Nicholas Sparks of Dranagh) that assumed settlement lease rights in townland Dranagh.

Author: Wayne Lester

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In Search of Our Irish Ancestors in County Wexford

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