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Edward Morris Family of Metcalfe, Ontario whose daughter Charlotte married George Henry Sparks of Hazeldean, Ontario
Edward Morris Family of Metcalfe, Ontario whose daughter Charlotte married George Henry Sparks of Hazeldean, Ontario
This website is dedicated to keeping the past alive for future generations by creating and sharing the history of our Sparks family of Carleton and surrounding counties in Ontario and Quebec.

Our Sparks family heritage is rooted in the history of England and Ireland. The Sparks surname is said to be of old Norse origin adopted into Olde English in the Middle Ages. Some suggest the name was derived from the Old Norse "sparkr or spraek". Others say that the Sparks name comes from the Old English term "sparrowhawk".

The family of Sparks has long been settled in many of England's counties. Family legend tells of Sparks lineage descending from a Nicholas Sparks of England, an officer in the British army serving under John Churchill the Duke of Marlborough (1650-1722). In 1720, Nicholas was granted a land lease in the townland of Dranagh, Wexford County, Ireland as payment for his military services. It is from these roots that some of our European heritage has been uncovered.

A prominent descendant from our Wexford, Ireland heritage is Nicholas Sparks, an early Bytown landholder and timberer. The life and times of Nicholas Sparks are well-documented. This website provides a collection of genealogical records for the ancestors and descendants of Nicholas Sparks, and his siblings and cousins. An extensive genealogical collection for his younger brother George Sparks of Bells Corners and his second cousin George Sparks of Gloucester are credited to the research work of family historians Doris Hope and Julia Hoffman respectively.

Access to the website is free, however, a login registration is required to view information for living people. We ask that our terms and conditions agreement be reviewed before using our site to ensure our privacy policy, registration process, copyright conditions and information accuracy standards are understood and respected.

Sources are cited whenever possible, but we know that references to some documented sources and information collected over the years may be incomplete or inaccurate, leaving some doubt as to the reliability of the record. For new additions and changes to the records, a proof standard is incorporated which assigns a "level of reliability" to recorded information.

Building a family history is an endless process. There will always be some undiscovered family member, fact or story. We welcome all contributions (old vintage photographs, published and online sources of local historical interest related to the Sparks family, etc.) with due acknowledgment and credit given to submitters. Simply click the "Contact Us" link, submit your comments, and we can exchange emails to arrange for submissions. All submissions will be answered.

Enjoy the site.

Wayne Lester
Sparks Family Researcher and Site Author


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Publications and Articles
  • Updates to Naomi Slater Heydon's publication LOOKING BACK, written by her daughter Julia Hoffman.
  • Sorting out the Various Sparks Families written by Sparks family historian Doris Grierson Hope.
  • Addendum to Sorting out the Various Sparks Families written by Doris Hope.

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Latest News
May 2017
Declining church membership is leading to abandonment of many church cemeteries. St. James Anglican Church Cemetery, Gatineau, Quebec is no exception with many graves deteriorating. From years of neglect, an aging tree has shifted sections of iron fencing surrounding the Nicholas Sparks gravesite. Descendants concerned with this condition requested cemetery caretakers to make repairs.

January 2017
George Lloyd Sparks celebrated his 100th birthday with friends and family January 28th, 2017 at the RA Centre. An Ottawa Citizen article by Bruce Deachman reminices about George's life.

October 2016
Updates to LOOKING BACK genealogical charts added courtesy of Julia Hoffman. See also Publications and Articles on this page.

September 2016
Genealogy updates and photos added to
George Sparks of Gloucester Township courtesy of Anne Prowse, Overbrook historian.

June 2016
Sparks cousins and extended family gathered in a family reunion at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa to celebrate the arrival of Nicholas Sparks and other founding families in Bytown.

November 2015
Genealogical records for George Sparks of Gloucester added courtesy of Julia Hoffman.

July 2015
Website released for public access.